About The Book: Surviving The Vietnam War & It's Aftermath

"A riveting real-life story within the Vietnam War"...
"A vivid memoir of a lifetime of love continuously tested yet strengthened through four decades of war and terror; a love which endured survived and unequivocally triumphed"...
"A rare, never before told, war account by in-the-trenches Vietnamese war correspondents."
Authors Duong Phuc & Vu Thanh Thuy, in their own words:

...“We began the first lines of this memoir in November 1979 on a police boat heading to Songkhla Refugee camp. We had just been rescued by the United Nations representative from the 21-day captivation by sea pirates on a deserted island in the Gulf of Thailand.

...We are reporters, not fiction writers. We simply and honestly record the facts of what we heard and saw firsthand on the battlefront, in the communist re-education camps, and on the open sea. Sometimes the truth surpasses anything in the human imagination.

We truthfully present everything–episodes of stark, unbearable terror along with strange, unbelievable turns of fortune; the worst of human flaws as well as acts of kindness suddenly performed by the most despicable of people to balance fairly the good and bad that can be found in human beings. We attempt to declare the mystery of life and the human heart that gives birth to hope even when fortune and misfortune become unexpectedly mixed up and change places in an instant.

Surviving vietnam war and its aftermath book cover

Surviving The Vietnam War & It's Aftermath